I have been giving readings for over 20 years & use a mix of cards & insight to create a picture that hopefully brings the answers people are looking for. Unfortunately sometimes it’s not always the result you wish for, but I always like to find some resolution that brings people peace. Being a naturally gifted healer I find that is the nature of my readings too! Truth may sometimes be hard but it’s necessary to heal so I will share what I’m sent however tough it may be ❤️

    I am reiki trained & can work with energy chakras and auras – this is especially strong when working with animals but as healing is a huge part of who I am I love helping in whatever way I can.

    I also work alongside a mentor Lady Morrigan who is a powerful white witch and by myself can perform ceremonies using nature and the light energy – at times also offer joint work which emphasises the strength of this too.

    Please note that all readings are for entertainment purposes only 🙂

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